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The loading dock of any distribution company can be a hectic place especially during the busiest times of the day. Add in all of the paper-based and manual processes used when loading and unloading a truck and things can become chaotic.

MiT Warehouse Solutions can help automate and simplify the loading process. With MiT’s Warehouse Solutions our customers can electronically load and unload vehicles while ensuring that the segregation of duties is maintained.

In addition to automating the loading dock MiT Warehouse Solution capabilities can also update the status of delivery vehicles so company stakeholders can track the status of a vehicle throughout the entire delivery process. MiT Warehouse Solutions offer the following capabilities:

  • Electronic Load Sheets – Electronically load and confirm vehicle load
  • Driver Check-in – Electronically confirm anticipated vehicle returns with blind counts
  • Inventory Cycle Count – Perform vehicle inventory counts compared to perpetual inventory

The combination of MiT Warehouse Solutions and Mobile Delivery Solutions enable businesses to not only eliminate the paper-based and manual processes associated with the loading and unloading of the truck but also ensure accurate inventory numbers for warehouse and delivery vehicle accountability. Tie in MiT Dashboard Applications to create continuous cycle of accountability and visibility.

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