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Generating sales orders is key to the success of every business. If you are like most businesses your sales force spends most of their time in the field visiting customers and placing orders on their behalf. With MiT Sales Force Solutions salesmen can quickly create and submit orders while at a customer location to enable immediate fulfillment at the distribution warehouse.

For those accounts that require heavier maintenance or cannot be serviced by your direct sales team, MiT also offers a Sales Force Solution that enables your customers to create and submit orders in real-time while walking their floor.

Whether you are looking to automate your remote sales force or empower your customers MiT’s Sales Force Solutions deliver the following key functionality:

  • Delivery Schedule Management – Manage drivers’ delivery schedules for orders and returns.
  • Order Creation Management – Create orders based on inventory, restocking levels or need.
  • Inventory Management – Quickly take store inventory for use with order creation.
  • A/R and Payment Receipt – Empower sales personnel to collect customer payments at the invoice or account level.
  • Signature Capture – Provide a digital proof of order which can be accessed and printed at any time.
  • Multi-Lingual Options (Globalization and Localization)- MiT’s Solutions were designed to fit the needs of the Global Marketplace. Through localization MiT’s Mobile solutions are available today in English, Spanish and Mandarin. A blend of Multi-Lingual solutions can be deployed in organizations whose work force are diverse in nature.
  • Display or Marketing Collateral creation – Quickly create location specific marketing collateral requirements to ensure your product has adequate visibility at your customer’s location.

and much more…

MiT’s powerful Sales Force Solutions can be quickly configured using the tools above or many others to provide you with the right solution based on your individual needs.

MiT offers both a Cloud Based Solution (SaaS) and Client-Server Sales Force Solution offering to provide customers looking to minimize their upfront investment — without sacrificing core functionality. In either deployment option the application runs locally on any mobile device using Windows Mobile 6.1 or a tablet PC.

The difference between the two options is that in our hosted offering the middleware (the piece that talks to your back office and our mobile solutions) can be managed in our true cloud computing environment which will minimize overall maintenance and support of the application as there is no hardware to support or maintain. Through our hosted environment MiT’s SaaS solution is offered for a monthly fee with minimal upfront investment ensuring you receive immediate return on your investment.

To learn more about the features and benefits of MiT Sales Force Solutions in a few of the industries we serve click on one of the industries listed to the right.

Sales Force Automation Solutions

Sales force Automation


Sales Force Automation
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