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MiT EzSalesMobile®Solutions

MiT EzSalesMobile®includes a wide range of highly configurable modules which allow us to deliver the right feature set to each customer based on their unique needs. Our mobile solutions encompass the following key capabilities which allow for extreme configurability:

  • Configuration Engine – Tailored mobile solutions can be quickly configured to meet the unique work flow and functionality requirements of each customer with our advanced configuration engine based on the .Net environment.
  • SQL Database – MiT EzSalesMobile® uses a SQL database on the handheld providing for faster response time and the ability to manage large quantities of data such as product numbers.
  • Microsoft Certified – Being the third mobile solution to pass the rigorous testing of Microsoft allows our solution to carry the distinctive Designed for Windows Mobile logo.
  • Hardware Agnostic – MiT mobile solutions can run on any Windows Mobile or XP device ranging from a ruggedized Motorola handheld to a consumer-based cell phone or even a tablet PC. This flexibility allows our customers to select the device that not only fits the task at hand but also their price range.
  • Hosted or Non-Hosted Middleware – Not only do our Mobile Solutions always run locally on devices to ensure the most consistent up-time, but we also offer MiT middleware solutions for hosted and/or non-hosted environments.

Through these advanced capabilities MiT is able to deploy a wide range of solutions including the following key mobile areas:

  • Sales Force – MiT provides your mobile salesforce/workforce with an advanced toolkit that connects them with the order desk and warehouse for real-time communications.
  • Delivery – MiT delivery solutions ensure customers receive clean invoices while maintaining route accountability and eliminating paper management.
  • Field Service – Designed to supplement either MiT’s Sales Force or Delivery Solutions, Field Service functionality enables asset tracking, surveys or other field service capabilities that may be required while mobile workers are on-site.
  • Warehouse Management – MiT Warehouse Management Solutions, designed to assist on the loading dock, eliminate the need for paper traditionally used on the dock and streamline processes.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions


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MiT provides solutions for many industries. The following are links to some of the industries we serve: