Client Server Deployment

Client Server Deployment Option

MiT System’s client server option allows a customer to take control of their mobile, enterprise or distribution solutions within their four walls. Through our client server offerings, customers would install and support our middleware solution within their network environment.

The client server solution takes advantage of the latest in technology including a .Net and SQL server environment to ensure the optimal up time as well as the flexibility to add additional MiT modules as the requirements present themselves. This offering is the traditional environment that companies have deployed mobile, enterprise and distribution solution on in the past. It provides the richest user feel for enterprise and distribution solutions based on the various functionalities available.

The traditional client server environment is a sound investment for larger organizations who feel comfortable supporting and maintaining their own network environment. It is also a good direction for those companies who are confident in their return on the investment or are uncomfortable using a hosted option.

Regardless of the deployment option our customers selects you can feel comfortable that the functionality you need to run your business is within our solution. To learn more about our client server deployment option contact us.