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With the souring cost of fuel and the increased demand for on the fly distribution more thenRoute Optimizer Screen Shot ever companies need to effectively manage their routes and how they service their customers. Through MiT’s route optimization solution, MiTEzSales Route Optimization, companies can quickly create the most efficient routes for the delivery or sales vehicles through our drag and drop integrface.
Whether your business has predetermined routes or you are constantly creating routes from unique customers MiT’s route optimzation solution can help. Our solution boosts the following advanced features:

  • Drag and drop route consolidation
    quickly add stops to a route using drag and drop capabilities.
  • Route stop sequencing with estimated drive times
    Determine or allow the system to determine the best delivery sequencing for each stop.
  • Vehicle capacity calculations
    View the capacity requirements of the delivery based on the order compared to the assigned vehicle to ensure your vehicles are fully utilized but not overfilled. Efficiently loads your truck by bay container type, product dimension and pallet specification.
  • Vehicle and Personnel to Route assignment
    Assign the right vehicle and personnel to routes based on the delivery demands

Through the advanced features of our route optimization solutions managing your routes and ensuring your routes are fully utilized is at the click of your mouse.

Combine our Route Optimization solution with our Enterprise and/or Mobile solutions for a complete sales or delivery solution. Using our enterprise solutions allows your orders to flow right into our route optimization solution and once the routes are created the deliveries can be sent to each or the mobile devices through the click of the mouse.

Contact us to learn how we can configure a complete sales or delivery solution based on your unique needs.

Route Optimization

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