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Managing your distribution channel is a complex challenge that can quickly eat away at your company’s profits if not properly managed. Through MiT’s Distribution Solutions our customers can quickly take control of and efficiently manage their distribution channel. MiTEzSales Distribution modules include:

  • Distribution Dashboard – Provides real-time visibility into the current status of mobile workers across the entire supply chain.
  • Route Optimization – Quickly optimize delivery routes to ensure timely and efficient deliveries.
  • Drag-and-Drop Route Consolidation – Easily consolidate or break up routes and delivery orders to ensure the most efficient movement of products.
  • Dispatching – Allows users to quickly and easily consolidate loads and produce electronic or manual load sheets to assist personnel in efficiently dispatching your vehicle fleet.

The combination of MiT Distribution Solutions and Mobile Solutions provides businesses with all of the functionality needed to effectively manage their mobile workers and drive efficiencies throughout operations. Real-time visibility into the status of the workforce speeds decision-making and optimizes delivery and sales routes to mazimize worker productivity and minimize fuel and over-time costs.

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