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MiT Systems enables you to quickly deploy mobile solutions that are tailored to your businesses and delivers immediate results with the broadest selection of industry-leading mobility solutions, an innovative and flexible technology platform, and highly configurable enterprise and distribution software. In fact, MiT solutions are driving sustainable return on investment for our diverse customers in more market segments than any of our competitors.

The flexibility enabled by highly configurable software modules allows MiT customers to deploy a complete solution to manage their mobile workforce–not just a mobile solution. Through our unique approach MiT customers are able to truly manage and drive their mobile workforce without customizing their back office solution or trying to integrate disparate systems. Our approach not only simplifies implementation, use and support of the solution but greatly reduces the cost of deployment.

MiT solutions encompass the following key areas:

  • Mobile Solutions
    Highly configurable mobile solutions run on both ruggedized and consumer mobile devices.
  • Enterprise Solutions
    Enterprise building blocks that are scalable to a full ERP solution ensuring customers have all required functionality to supplement back office and mobile systems.
  • Distribution Solutions
    Tools to enable the routing of your distribution workforce while providing real-time visibility to the current status of personnel and their deliveries.

Through these advanced yet easy to use technologies, the MiT suite of enterprise mobility solutions provides your team with the right tools for the job at hand. MiT solutions integrate the following features to empower your mobile workforce:

  • Configuration Engine
    Allows for a tailored solution to meet the unique needs of your businesses.
  • Windows Mobile Testing & Certification
    MiT has the only solution in the distribution marketplace to pass rigorous testing and certification by Microsoft.
  • Real-Time Communication
    Ensures the warehouse and mobile workforce are always up-to-date with the latest information.
  • Simple User Interface
    Allows users to be up and running in minutes with minimal training.

MiT Systems’ Solutions

MiT Solutions


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MiT provides solutions for many industries. The following are links to some of the industries we serve: