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In the multi-player world of home delivery it is imperative to electronically connect various companies together while simplifying the overall delivery process. MiT Enterprise Mobile Solutions and Dashboard Applications provide access to up-to-date information to all stakeholders within your supply chain.

MiT solutions assist the home delivery industry in the following key areas:

  • Whole Fleet Visibility
    Enable distribution personnel to quickly access the status of all the routes in the fleet including completed deliveries or refusals so that warehouse personnel can be allocated based on accurate real-time information.
  • Real-Time Delivery Information
    Sales and customer support personnel have real-time access to deliveries and claims (with pictures) to proactively address potential issues and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Electronic Manifests
    Create instant digital manifests with signatures for immediate delivery or future retrieval and eliminate the various paper passed between distributor, manufacturer and retailer
  • Delivery Claim Capture
    Delivery personnel can utilize mobile devices with digital cameras to capture images of damaged goods and complete electronic claims forms for immediate transmission to the service department.

MiT’s portfolio of solutions provides the following core capabilities to meet the objectives of our home delivery customers:

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

  • Delivery Mobile Solutions
  • Hot Shot Delivery Mobile Solutions
  • Real-Time Customer Manifest with Signature Capture
  • Customer Delivery Scheduling
  • Vehicle Inventory Management

Distribution Solutions

  • Route Distribution Optimization
  • Distribution Dashboard
  • Customer Scheduling
  • Electronic Load Sheets

And much more…

Whether you need individual components from the MiT solution portfolio or are looking for an end-to-end replacement solution, MiT can help with latest in modern, highly configurable real-time technologies.

Contact us to learn how MiT can configure a solution to meet your unique business needs that will simplify your overall operations and drive more profits to the bottom line.

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A few of the key solutions that MiT offers the beverage supply chain include:

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Distribution Solutions