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Due to the perishable nature of their products snack food companies need solutions that can meet their Just in Time (JIT) business model. MiT’s suite of solutions provides snack food with the tools they need to not only manage their routes, orders and deliveries but to manage the process all the way through settlement and to the back office. MiT solutions assist snack food companies in the following key areas:

  • Whole Fleet Visibility
    MiT enables distribution personnel to quickly access the status of all the routes in the fleet including completed deliveries with time stamping to ensure driver accountability and efficiency.
  • Advanced Route Settlement
    Quickly reconcile daily route activities of the entire fleet including deliveries, returns, cash or check receipts — all while eliminating paper reconciliations.
  • Real-Time Customer and Route Level Ordering
    Transmit changes to customer or route standing orders from the field ensuring more accurate production requirements while minimizing stock outages and hot shot deliveries.
  • Digital Invoices
    Access digital invoices with signatures received from the mobile workforce instantly to provide customers with emails of their invoices on the fly while virtually eliminating paper and storage costs.

MiT’s portfolio of solutions provides the following core capabilities to meet the objectives of our snack food customers:

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

  • Full Service Delivery Mobile Solution
  • Hot Shot Delivery Mobile Solution
  • Real-Time Customer or Route Level Ordering
  • AR Collections
  • Inventory Management

Distribution Solutions

  • Distribution Dashboard
  • Customer Scheduling
  • Electronic Load Sheets

Enterprise Solutions

  • Settlement Dashboard
  • Digital Invoice Images
  • Customer or Route Standing Orders
  • AR, AP & Financials
  • Inventory Management

And much more… Whether you need individual components from the MiT solution portfolio or are looking for an end-to-end replacement solution, MiT can help with latest in modern, highly configurable real-time technologies. Contact us to learn how MiT can configure a solution to meet your unique business needs that will simplify your overall operations and drive more profits to the bottom line.

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A few of the key solutions that MiT offers the snack food supply chain include:

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Distribution Solutions

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