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The consumable goods industry covers many unique products including items as phone cards, automotive parts, construction goods and much more. Regardless of the goods your are selling one thing is key that the more efficient your selling and delivery process the more control you have over increasing sales and improving overall cash flow. Whether you are looking to automate your sales force or looking to manage the delivery of your products more efficiently MiT’s mobile solutions can increase your visibility to your mobile workers activities and improve the overall efficiency of your operation from sales order creation to product delivery to cash collection. Through MiT’s Cloud Based Solutions (SaaS), companies can quickly automate their sales force or delivery teams without a large upfront cost ensure an immediate return on your investment.

MiT solutions assists the consumable goods supply chain in the following key areas:

  • Sales Order Creation
    Assist salesmen to create sales orders in the field with advance ordering tools, check real-time inventory availability and check the status of current orders.
  • Whole Chain Traceability
    Simplify lot and recall tracking all the way to your customers’ doors by connecting MiT Delivery Solutions to your organization’s traceability initiatives.
  • Route Management and Monitoring
    Manage and track delivery routes throughout the entire delivery schedule in real-time — while simplifying the end of day reconciliation process.
  • Digital Delivery Manifest Document Management
    Access digital delivery documents with signatures received from the mobile workforce instantly to provide customers with emails of their invoices on the fly while virtually eliminating paper and storage costs.

MiT’s portfolio of solutions provides the following key capabilities to the consumable goods supply chain:

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

  • Sales Force Automation Solutions (Pre-sales)
  • Proof of Delivery Solutions
  • Delivery Solutions
  • Merchandising Solutions
  • Real-Time Customer Ordering
  • AR Collections

Distribution Solutions

  • Route Distribution Optimization
  • Distribution Dashboard
  • Electronic Load Sheets
  • GPS Tracking and Bread Crumbing

Enterprise Solutions

  • Route Settlement Dashboard
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Pricing Matrix
  • Digital Document Management

And much more…

Whether you need individual components from the MiT solution portfolio or are looking for an end-to-end replacement solution, MiT can help with latest in modern, highly configurable real-time technologies.

Contact us to learn how MiT can configure a solution to meet your unique business needs that will simplify your overall operations and drive more profits to the bottom line.

Featured Applications

A few of the key solutions that MiT offers the consumable goods supply chain include: Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Distribution Solutions

Enterprise Solutions