Beverage Solutions

Innovative New DSD & Route Accounting Solutions

MiT Systems has developed a next generation, Mobile DSD solution for the Beverage Industry. This write once, run many™ true cross-platform solution empowers customers to choose the right mobile device for the task at hand. These solutions will increase efficiencies across the enterprise while providing more accountability and visibility to the transactional detail that will improve your bottom line.

  • Pre-Sales: Field sales reps to quickly and effectively submit orders in real-time while viewing all of the data necessary to create the most efficient order.
  • Delivery: Improves delivery accuracy, driver productivity and inventory accountability while eliminating paper trails and dual entry.
  • Merchandising: A comprehensive solution designed to enable the mobile worker to receive, create and fulfill tasks while in the field.
  • Retailer Ordering: B2B web portal that provides a customized user experience for retailers to place replenishment orders online 24×7 via a browser.

MiT’s portfolio of solutions provides the following key capabilities to beverage distributors:

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

  • Sales Force Mobile Solutions (Presales)
  • Delivery Mobile Solutions
  • Full Service Delivery Mobile Solutions
  • Hot Shot Delivery Mobile Solutions
  • Real-Time Customer Ordering
  • Product Display and Tap Surveys
  • AR Collections
  • Inventory Management

Distribution Solutions

  • Route Distribution Optimization
  • Distribution Dashboard
  • Customer Scheduling
  • Electronic Load Sheets

Enterprise Solutions

  • Settlement Dashboard
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • AR, AP & Financials

And much more… Whether you need individual components from the MiT solution portfolio or are looking for an end-to-end replacement solution, MiT can help with latest in modern, highly configurable real-time technologies. Contact us to learn how MiT can configure a solution to meet your unique business needs that will simplify your overall operations and drive more profits to the bottom line.

Featured Applications

A few of the key solutions that MiT offers the beverage supply chain include:

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Distribution Solutions

Route Accounting Solutions

B2B Retailer Solutions