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Why Choose MiT Systems?

Established in 1997, MiT Systems empowers leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) distributors to effectively and efficiently manage pre-sales, delivery and route accounting operations. The company offers the most advanced and affordable suite of Mobile Enterprise, Distribution and Route Accounting Solutions available in the market today to its customers throughout North America.

MiT is driving operational efficiencies for market leaders in the general distribution industry including Beverage, Wine & Spirits, Consumer Packaged Goods, Bakery, Dairy, Produce and Snack Distribution.

Current customers include market leaders such as Clare Rose, Jones Dairy, Puritan Bakery and Mission Beverage, to name just a few.

Standard for Wireless Mobility

MiT Systems has leveraged its successes replacing the traditional route books used in beverage distribution with Pen Tablet and Windows Mobile devices to quickly establish the standard for wireless mobility applications across the broader consumer packaged goods distribution industry. Through the constant development of new device-agnostic applications and rigorous testing and certification by Microsoft, MiT Systems has grown to become a leading provider of enterprise mobile technology solutions.

Custom Solution at a Packaged Price

MiT has also developed a wide range of communications protocols and back-end capabilities that enable delivery of a fully configurable solution that meets the unique needs of each and every customer. These highly configurable software modules enable MiT to deliver a custom solution at a packaged price – while virtually eliminating the need for any customization.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Flexible deployment options for both the enterprise solution and mobile hardware devices enable our customers to choose traditional software licensing or the software as a service (SaaS) model. Either way, MiT customers have access to reliable, flexible functionality that is easy to deploy and even easier to use.

Real-Time Information for Real-Time Decision Making

We realize the importance our customers place on the availability and accuracy of their data. Our primary purpose is to help our customers reduce overall costs, increase operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and boost profits – all while providing a steady flow of real-time information needed for real-time decision making.

Company Backgrounder

Company Backgrounder